3 Tips for Preparing for a Kitchen Countertop Installation

3 Tips for Preparing for a Kitchen Countertop Installation

Installing new countertops in your kitchen is one of the most effective ways to freshen up the space and make it more usable for you and your family. But before you can have countertops installed, you should prepare your home for it.

Here are several things you should do to prep your kitchen for new countertops.

Create an alternative space to eat and prepare meals.

When your kitchen is being renovated, you’re probably not going to be able to use it much, if at all. Therefore, you should create a separate space outside of your kitchen where you can prep meals and eat. You should also plan on either eating takeout or eating foods that you can make without the use of your kitchen until your countertops are in.

Remove anything that could get in the way in your kitchen space.

When your installers show up to install your new countertops, the last thing you want them to do is spend time moving coffee pots, blenders, and other small appliances you might have hanging around your kitchen. You want them to spend their time leveling your cabinets and preparing your kitchen for the new countertops you are installing. Take the time to remove items that are in your kitchen so installers don’t have to.

Clear a path for installers to bring countertop materials in and out.

Installing countertops can be a very messy job, so you want to pick the fastest path from your entryway to your kitchen. You also want to lay down tarps or cloths on your floors to prevent installers from doing any damage to carpeting or flooring. Between taking your old countertops out and bringing your new countertops in, there is going to be a lot of activity in your home. Make sure it doesn’t result in any damage being done.

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