Spring Sealing: When and Why to Seal or Reseal Your Driveway

Sealing a Concrete Driveway

If you have a concrete driveway, the springtime is the best time to have it sealed. Whether you just had your concrete driveway poured last year or you’ve had it for quite some time now, sealing your driveway helps to protect it from the elements and help it to last longer overall. Applying fresh sealing can also renew and revitalize the look at a driveway that is a few years old but still in good condition. That’s why it’s a good idea to seal your concrete driveway when you first get it and then to seal it again every couple years.

When to Seal

Sealing a Concrete DrivewayIf you have a new concrete driveway, you might be tempted to apply sealant right away, but a freshly poured concrete driveway needs time to cure completely before being sealed. In typical weather conditions, this can take up to four weeks to happen. Once your driveway is cured, you’re ready to get to sealing.

Applying sealant to the driveway should be done on a warm, dry day to get the best results. As a general rule of thumb, concrete sealing should be performed when the weather is at 50 degrees F or higher, suggests Concrete Network. Though other factors, such as the type of sealant being applied, can adjust the safe temperature to apply sealant, spring is generally considered the ideal time for sealing work.

Spring is also ideal as it comes following the fall and winter seasons which can present problems for your driveway. For instance, in the fall, leaves dropping from the trees could land on your driveway and get stuck to sealant, impacting the evenness of drying and coverage. In winter, temperatures are often too cold to pour concrete, let alone seal it, and the salt and sand from roadways can impact the driveway. In the spring, you can wash your driveway to prepare and seal your driveway in the moderate and comfortable temperatures with ease.

Benefits of Sealing

Sealing your concrete driveway comes with a long list of benefits. For starters, sealing concrete will improve the overall appearance of your driveway and make it shine. Even if you have a new driveway, you will notice an immediate improvement in the look of your driveway after sealing takes place.

Sealing can also slow damage from the sun’s UV rays that can cause your driveway’s color to fade. This is especially important if you have colored concrete or a stamped pattern that could be affected by the sun.

Finally, sealing will also prevent stains from ruining the look of your driveway. Oil, dirt, salt and more can cause staining and wear, but by sealing your driveway, you provide a layer of protection that will halt these and other substances from prematurely wearing out your driveway.

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