Why Choose Concrete for Your Countertop

Countertops make your kitchen look great, especially when you’re entertaining guests quite a bit. Concrete countertops can enhance the look even more with a wide range of colors.

The Benefits of Concrete

  • Durable and Strong – Concrete countertops are strong in general, but even as a countertop, it naturally protects against scratches and chips in on the surface. With a protective coating, it’s even stronger.
  • Investment – If you maintain the countertop properly, the material will last a lifetime. Sealers are recommended to be added periodically.
  • Easy Cleaning – Soap and water is all you need to clean the surface. It is very easy and gentle. Resealing the countertop every two to three years is the best way to maintain the surface.
  • Sleek Look – The seams and grout lines are almost invisible to the human eye, which makes the overall look much better for your guests and family.
  • No Stains! – If properly sealed, your countertop will resist stains, which is important for your kitchen countertop because there will obviously be some spills.

Templin Concrete Construction

Templin Concrete Construction has been in the concrete business for over ten years doing concrete work on new homes and replacing the concrete for older homes. We work hard to bring you the best product at the lowest price. We are an east central Minnesota concrete contractor servicing east central and north metro area. We specialize in concrete countertops with a color chart and a wide range to choose from. The countertops are polished to glassy smooth-like feel. A penetrating sealer is applied to keep things from soaking into the surface. A topical sealer is applied to achieve a glossy look on the top. We also install a wire mesh to help reinforce the strength and durability.

If you’re a new home owner or looking to change your countertop surface, contact Templin Concrete Construction at 612-388-1945 to learn more about our concrete countertop services!