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Keep Your Driveway Clear this Winter

Image of a Plowed Driveway

With Winter now in full swing, it’s still not too late to get someone to clear your driveway of snow for the season. This winter, instead of having to shovel or snow blow your way out of your driveway each morning, let Templin Concrete’s snow plowing service help. Having someone clean out your driveway every… Read more »

Clear the Snow with Concrete Experts this Winter

Snow Removal

Winter means snowfall in most parts of the country, and it’s especially true here in Minnesota where the arctic winds from Canada keep the air and the ground cold enough for snow for nearly half of the year. Removing all that snow is just part of normal life. People need to get to work, kids… Read more »

Driveway Snow Plowing: Four Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Truck Snow Plowing Driveway

We’re knee-deep in the heart of winter, and snow is very much on the radar. Since we still have a few months left before temperatures warm up, we have a lot of shoveling and snow blowing ahead of us. But don’t worry—let the pros handle it. Why? More time for you You’ve been there before:… Read more »

How to Melt Ice on Your Driveway Without Salt

Icy Driveway

Anyone who lives in a colder climate is well-accustomed to seeing rock salt in the winter time. However, not many people realize the significant damage salt can cause on concrete and asphalt pavements. In fact, using rock salt as a deicing agent can lead to defoliation of plant life and post a threat to pets… Read more »

Beet Juice and Other Nontraditional Ways to Keep Driveways Clear

Winter Snow Removal

Are you tired of trying to keep your concrete driveway free of snow and ice in the wintertime? As we’ve discussed before in the blog, using rock salt is not recommended, but there are a number of nontraditional ways to keep it clear. Here in the state of Minnesota, we have benefited greatly from the… Read more »