How to Keep Your Concrete Counters Looking Great

Concrete Countertops

Whether you’ve recently installed concrete countertops in your home or you’re thinking about creating a custom concrete cast for your counters, you might be wondering how to keep them looking their best. Are the rules the same as they are for granite?

Caring for concrete countertops is very different than caring for the quartz or granite countertops you may have had in the past. Here are some tips for making sure that your concrete countertops remain in good shape for years to come.

Crack Prevention

Concrete countertops aren’t prone to large cracks, but they can develop small, hairline fractures over time. To ensure that your countertops stay in one solid piece, we use a reinforcement method that employs mesh wiring to add strength and stability to the slabs. Even with that in place, your countertops can still potentially crack, so be careful about placing extremely heavy objects on them, especially on or near the edges.

Stain Prevention

Concrete can also be a bit porous, so to prevent the slab from suffering stains from foods or drinks, use a finishing wax to seal it. We use a top sealant as well as a penetrating sealer, which helps keep anything from seeping into the concrete, but you should reapply sealant regularly, depending on how often you’re using and cleaning the countertops. Concrete counter sealant is available at most local hardware stores or we can offer you some recommendations for products to use.

Gentle Cleaners

You also want to keep your counters clean, but it’s important that you stay away from using abrasive cleaners or wire scrubbing pads. Any cleaning implements that are stronger than sponges, rags or plastic can cause damage to the surface of the concrete – especially the sealant. All you really need to keep your counter clean is warm water and mild cleaners! If you’re not sure if your cleaner is mild enough, ask your installer or talk to the experts at your local hardware store. Dish soap and warm water may be all you need on a regular basis.

Concrete counters are an affordable alternative to granite and other stone, and offer a long-lasting surface combined with great looks. Learn more and discuss your options for concrete countertops with the experts at Templin Concrete Construction today by calling 612-388-1945.